About Us

Our Own Designs

Clive Ranger is a well-established jewellery retailer that has built up an enviable reputation since 1977. As an independent jeweller, we have to stand out from the rest by offering prestigious and often extremely rare pieces. We are known locally as the Diamond Ring Specialist and the staff pride themselves on excellent, old fashioned customer service and all have an extensive knowledge of precious gemstones and metals. 

We are proud to offer an excellent repair and redesign service so that old or broken jewellery can be transformed into what it once was or something entirely different. We also offer our own design service so that you can pick gemstones that match your requirements and we will create a piece for you that is truly one of a kind.

Prestigious Collection

We use our extensive knowledge of precious gemstones to hand pick only the highest quality pieces to be part of our Prestigious Collection. All of these pieces have diamonds with the finest brilliance, fire and sparkle, set with gemstones of optimum colour and clarity. Our collection reveals sapphires and tanzanites of the deepest blues and purples, blood-red rubies and emeralds as green as the Welsh hills.

These enchanting pieces are so timeless in design that they will last for generations, without going out of fashion. From colourful pendants and rings to glittering earrings and bracelets, you are guaranteed to find a dazzling piece from Clive Ranger to make you stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for something in a unique style or shape, look no further than Clive Ranger to find you a piece of jewellery that you will love for eternity. 

Whatever you are looking for, a visit to Clive Ranger can turn your dreams into reality.